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In her first sighting of him during a subway shoot-out with the Lycans, Selene is immediately attracted to Michael and is impressed at his bravery in diving out to help a woman who has been injured in the crossfire. After travelling to the Sacred World, she gained dark brown hair with white highlights. She kicks in his door and attacks him when he enters the apartment, demanding to know why the Lycans are searching for him. Reader; Summary . Selene’s unwavering faith in Viktor is such that, when she believes Kraven has betrayed the Coven, she willingly breaks the Chain to awaken Viktor ahead of schedule and seek his help. Selene; no beta we die like Lycans; Not canon compliant with Evolution; On the run from Viktor and Death Dealers; Original Corvinus Characters; Pansexual Lucian; Peter has a thing about fangs and lycans; Possessive Lucian (Underworld) Post Underworld:Awakening; Post-Blood Wars ; Post-Evolution; Post-Rise of the Lycans; Post-Underworld: … She confirms that her apparent coldness towards her is not because she doesn’t care about Eve, but because she is still coming to terms with the news that she is a mother and the apparent death of her beloved Michael. From shop CosUSCos. Selene and the Cleaners invade William’s dungeon, trying to stop Marcus from releasing his brother. Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009) 4. Kraven, the Coven’s regent, was obsessed with her, although she did not return the feeling. Mostly canon compliant with Underworld; Mother! Kraven and his men walked in, eyes widening when they spied the empty cell, and Kraven snarled to Selene and Michael. The Mother - full moon - Selene, represents the moon in the heavens; The Crone - waning moon - Hecate, represents the underworld; In Greek mythology, there are many goddesses associated with the moon. Selene, however, does not trust him and informs him she doesn't know where her daughter is. As Kraven yells at her, he mentions a Lycan named Lucian in the present tense, making Selene suspicious. Conflicted, Selene joins a group of Death Dealers led by Kahn in an assault on the Lycan den, but quickly splits from the group to find Michael. She further deduces that this means David is the rightful heir to the leadership of the Eastern Coven. To keep the location of William's prison secret, Viktor killed Selene's entire family. However, these accusations and Viktor’s earlier betrayal of Selene had planted a seed of doubt in Selene’s mind, as when Viktor arrives at the scene, a distraught Selene confronts him about his actions. Marcus is shocked to smell his father’s blood flowing through Selene’s veins. Twelve years later, Selene awakens to find herself locked in cryogenic suspension. By Andrea Magrath The cocooning process revives Selene, healing her injuries and granting her additional powers, making her stronger and deadlier than ever. Selene brushes off Krandrill's remark and finishes him off before regrouping with Michael, commenting in her voiceover that she no longer feels the same as she had before, but as long as she and Michael are together, she can deal with living forever. Her companion and lover was Michael Corvin, the first Hybrid, and they have a daughter together, Eve. Michael intervenes, giving the pair time to escape. She acknowledges that he wants to be alone right now, but insists he takes Amelia's ring, saying that drinking some of his mother's blood and thus gaining access to her memories may help him come to terms with the revelation, which is later proved correct. Eventually, she becomes the first Vampire-Corvinus Strain Hybrid. He then sets up a meeting for her and Michael with Alexander Corvinus, Marcus’s father, and the first true Immortal. Seventy years later, Selene is dispatched back to Paris to protect a powerful Vampire known as Lord Clovis, the leader of the Paris branch of the Old World Coven, who are preparing to perform a traditional ceremony. She releases Michael from his bonds and learns from him the truth of how the war between the Vampires and Lycans really started. Oct 10, 2016 - Log in to your Tumblr account to start posting to your blog. She is also fiercely independent. The complete five film Underworld ... hinted in 2017 that another sequel was in development and that they planned to continue the story of Beckinsale’s Selene. The two hide in a Vampire safe house, but Selene abandons him there once dawn approaches. She is then knocked unconscious by a grenade which separates them before either can reach the surface. Michael was a hybrid and Selene is a vampire. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Realizing that she cannot save him, Selene returns to Alexander's ship, intent on finding and killing Marcus. She returns to Ördögház with news of the lair but is promptly ignored by Kraven. Human (formerly) Vampire Hair color Selene is chased and cornered by several Lycans but is able to hold them off until David arrives and helps fight them off. Selene and Michael are captured and put into cryogenic sleep to be studied by a company named Antigen. She admires Viktor's leadership skills and strength, and is also grateful to him for saving her from the Lycans she believed killed her family, and for making her a Vampire, thus granting her the opportunity to avenge her family. Selene initially doesn't believe him, but she begins to understand he is telling the truth. However, there's a lot more to Kate than just her role Selene. She continues to make appearances in smaller dramatic projects such as Snow Angels (2007), Nothing but the Truth (2008), and Everybody's Fine (2009). In Underworld: Evolution, Selene also wears leather gloves at beginning of the film. Selene, portrayed by British actress Kate Beckinsale, is a fictional character and the main protagonist of the Underworld film series. Votes: 252,546 | Gross: $51.97M Selene the moon goddess was a minor figure in ancient Greek mythology. Reader; Blood; Gore; Blood and Gore; Blood Drinking; Blood and Injury; Turned! After narrowly escaping Marcus and the coming sunlight, Selene and Michael take refuge in a warehouse. Erika, who is desperately in love with Kraven, becomes angered by this. She and Michael track Krandrill down and attack a hotel, where they discover Krandrill and a harem of female Lycans who are all loyal to him. Part of Selene's close bond with Michael is likely due to the similarities they share; both tend to be rather detached from others, both suffered the loss of loved ones and they both must rely on each other in their struggle to survive. Selene stays to fight the Lycans and battles Marius himself. Selene's Mother Sonja. After a brief fight, Michael is seemingly killed, and Marcus is able to steal Selene’s memories of the fortress. Unknown to Selene, the Lycan bites Michael, infecting him with the Lycanthropy virus. Actor She is also a prominent figure in the anime, video game, the novelizations, and various comic books. Sonja was victors real child.Selene was stolen from her real parents 100 of years later.Watch the first underworld and you will know the difference in sonja and selene. By the events of Underworld: Awakening, Selene feels no lingering affection towards Viktor or remorse for killing him, asserting that he betrayed her first and that his downfall was brought about by his own actions. Her companion and lover was Michael Corvin, the first Hybrid, and they have a daughter together, Eve. Selene surprisingly tolerates Erika’s presence and listens to her conversations and advice – even if she doesn’t take it on board or reciprocate. Addison? Afterwards, Selene is fully accepted by the Coven again. At the mansion, Viktor chastises Selene for awakening him a century ahead of schedule and orders her to be judged by the Vampire Council, which he and Selene both know will be a death sentence. 'Addy? She wakes up to find David mortally wounded and his father gave Eve over to the Lycans in exchange for a ceasefire. Selene, now wearing a Nordic coat and with white highlights in her hair, uses her newly-enhanced speed to rush through the battle and kill several Lycans to the shock of everyone who had thought her to be dead. Thus, the more Selene refused Kraven, the more he wanted her. Curiously, Selene's age is stated in the novelization of the second movie as being roughly 600 years old, however, flashbacks in the first film imply she was originally supposed to be much younger. By the end of the fifth film it was made clear that Eve and Selene are still sharing a telepathic link that is allowing Eve to essentially home in on her mother. Marius is still more than a match for her though, and things become even direr after Selene tastes a drop of Marius's blood and sees through his memories that he had met her long-lost lover, Michael. Underworld: Awakening begins 12 years after Selene … She never seems to laugh and she has admitted that she is not "good with feelings" and has been described as "cold as one already dead". In retaliation, Selene became a Death Dealer and began to hunt and kill Lycans, intending to drive them into extinction. More specifically, she serves as the central character in the films Underworld (2003), Underworld: Evolution (2006), Underworld: Rise of the Lycans (2009), Underworld: Awakening (2012), and Underworld: Blood Wars (2016). For the best answers, search on this site She is the mother of Selene and Cecilia, and the grandmother of Selene's daughter, Eve. Selene is most often shown to be stoic, serious, cold and detached, as she seldom smiles and is not known for possessing a sense of humour. Selene is distressed when Michael is in danger and is clearly devastated when she believes him to be dead in Evolution. Selene is completely cold to the numerous killings of humans, Lycans, and even other Vampires, never showing any signs of guilt or remorse. Selene is a fictional character from Underworld and Underworld: Evolution. As a child, Selene had roamed the halls of the dungeon alongside her sister Cecilia and drew on its walls. These include Selene, the personification of the moon itself, Artemis, the goddess of the hunt, and Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft. This lack of knowledge left Selene somewhat vulnerable the first time that the pair did meet face to face; she was unaware of their shared connection and of Semira's hatred towards her, and the lengths that she was willing to go to in her attempt to avenge Viktor's death. Selene chases Trix as he flees into deeper parts of the subway. Though Trix is able to ambush her, she quickly kills him and discovers the ultraviolet ammunition he was using. David arrives moments later and uses Marius' severed head to get the Lycan army to retreat without a further fight. Species From his memories, Selene learns about the Nordic Coven, as well as the death of Thomas, who sacrificed himself to buy her and David time to escape. The plot will be the same as the movies, along with the 3rd episode of the Underworld Endless War anime. Underworld is a series of action horror films directed by Len Wiseman, Patrick Tatopoulos, Måns Mårlind, Björn Stein and Anna Foerster.The first film, Underworld, was released in 2003.It tells the story of Selene (Kate Beckinsale), a vampire who works as a Death Dealer, killing the lycans (Werewolves) who allegedly slaughtered her family. Selene and Michael plan to escape the city via boat before they themselves become victims of the Purge, but Selene is apprehended before they can reach safety and Michael is shot, falling into the water. Despite her apparent detachment, Selene is highly distraught when she comes to believe Michael is dead by Marcus's hand and becomes even more deadly and vengeful as a result. Parent tags (more general): Underworld (Movies) This tag has not been marked common and can't be filtered on (yet). N/A Kate Beckinsale Lily Sheen (child) Laura Harris (voice: Underworld: Endless War). A hypothetical Underworld 6 could explore whether Michael is really dead or not, as he's managed to defeat death before. The usually stoic Selene is greatly distressed when Viktor rejects her claims and accuses her of breaking the Covenant by fraternizing with a Lycan. Underworld: Blood Wars - Wikipedia Kraven has a vainglorious personality and a highly inflated-but-extremely-fragile narcissistic ego: Kraven is a long-time suitor of Selene, a Death Dealer. At the end of the film, she can be seen in a flashback of the opening scene of the first film, during which Kraven is heard telling her the truth about Viktor, her family, and Sonja, followed by Selene's response of "Lies". In Underworld: Endless War part 1, she wore a Victorian-style coat, matching the time period. Dec 8, 2016 - Explore George Fleureton's board "Underworld", followed by 740 people on Pinterest. On the verge of being overwhelmed, she is saved by Michael, who has regenerated due to his Hybrid powers. Even when she learns that Lycans did not kill her family, she still refuses to admit fault or to feel guilty for the many she murdered during her long lifespan, even going so far as to blame Alexander Corvinus for all of her crimes when her behaviour is called into question (though she was technically following orders as a soldier). Underworld Selene. During the confrontation with Leyba, Leyba briefly reflects that Selene's eyes are like 'hers' (Sonja's), but Selene never learns the meaning of this comment before she kills Leyba. There seem to be some social expectations of Selene within the Coven due to her status as Viktor's favourite; for instance, she is expected to attend the party welcoming Amelia. Half werewolf half vampire. Status Selene, a vampire warrior, is entrenched in a conflict between vampires and werewolves, while falling in love with Michael, a human who is sought by werewolves for unknown reasons. It is the fifth installment in the Underworld franchise and the sequel to Underworld: Awakening (2012), with Kate Beckinsale reprising her role as Selene. Marius has Alexia drink some of Selene's blood to see her memories and discovers she is telling the truth. He then bandages her wound and passes out beside her. First Appearance: "Underworld" (September 2003) Powers/Abilities : Bitten by one of the Elders, Selene is stronger, quicker, more agile, and tougher then most other vampires. Circa 1383 Tanis initially tries to kill Selene and Michael upon seeing them but fails. During her long stint playing Selene in the Underworld movies, Beckinsale also appeared in many other high-profile films, ... Beckinsale plays Ingrid Carpenter, the working class foster mother who takes him in. Selene's mother became a grandmother for the first time when Cecilia gave birth to twin daughters. He pursued her for years, but she constantly rejected him, bruising his massive but fragile ego. At some point he married Selene's Moth… However, she does momentarily seem to be shocked and upset by Victor's demise. The fact that she just barely tolerates him and occasionally obeys his commands is probably merely due to the fact he was hand-picked as regent by Viktor. Underworld: Evolution (2006) 3. Unnamed mother (deceased) Unnamed father (deceased) Unnamed sister (deceased) Unnamed twin nieces (deceased) ) Eva (daughter) portrayed by India Eisley in Underworld 4: No Title [[|250px]] Beckinsale portrays Selene: No Title. David is able to flee with the weakened Selene in broad daylight, preventing Semira from following them. While in the tunnels beneath the subway, Selene discovers what she thinks may be a Lycan lair. Underworld: Awakening begins six months after the events of Underworld: Evolution. Although Selene herself never explicitly refers to Viktor on such familiar terms, she seems to believe that Viktor has a great deal of affection and trust for her. Selene during the subway station shootout. Selene is the main protagonist of Underworld, Underworld: Evolution, Underworld: Awakening, and Underworld: Blood Wars. After losing consciousness, Selene is secretly taken to Semira's private chambers, where she is attached to a device to drain her blood. Erika tries to persuade Selene to get ready for the arrival of the Elder Amelia's envoy, but Selene ignores her and begins sifting through pictures from the night's hunt. This article lists characters from the Underworld series of action figures, comics, films, novels, and video games. Title Eventually, she becomes the first Vampire- Corvinus Strain Hybrid. My Oc character will be Selene's boyfriend. Selene realizes that Lucian is alive and well and that she saw him just the night before. Age Selene and David fighting at the Eastern Coven. Selene is defeated and knocked unconscious, allowing Eve to be captured by the Lycans. Selene concludes she will find Michael and take back the world from the humans and Lycans so the Vampires can rebuild themselves. Selene was captured and so was Elizabeth.

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