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College work completed at a vocational, technical, performance, or professional program will not be considered. Students who are unable to or choose not to submit SAT or ACT scores this year will not be at a disadvantage in our consideration of their applications. Duke University is a highly competitive school and its admissions statistics make Duke University one of the 50 most competitive schools for undergraduate admissions globally. Use as few or as many spaces as you need. Our. Innovative, restless, and driven: these are qualities not confined by geography. Both the Common Application and the Coalition Application include a one-page personal essay as well as short essay questions specific to Duke. However, when Julliard discovers that Jake is choreographing for the "TBDs", he turns them in for using the studio to practice without paying, and Jake loses his job. the IELTS Academic (International English Language Testing System), TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language), “need-blind” process as applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents, Office of Undergraduate Financial Aid website, message from the Duke University President, Secondary School Report with Counselor Recommendation, SAT and/or ACT Scores (optional, last day to take standardized tests is November 7), Application Deadline (student portion only) for alumni interview priority consideration, SAT and/or ACT Scores (optional, standardized tests must be taken by January 31), Midyear Grade Report (or as soon as first marking period grades are available), 75 on the revised TOEFL paper-delivered test, All applicants who complete the Common Application will respond to, All applicants who complete the Coalition Application will respond to. relevance date (ascending) date (descending) creator (A-Z) creator (Z-A) title (A-Z) title (Z-A) Number of results to display per page. Transfer applicants are expected to have demonstrated a high level of academic talent, both at their current higher education institution and in high school. We will also accept letters by email, fax, or postal mail. Schedule a virtual visit . Duke offers need-based financial aid and merit-based scholarships to US citizens and to foreign citizens following the different policies outlined below. The need-aware admissions process for foreign citizens is more highly selective than the need-blind admissions process: the admit rate for foreign citizens seeking financial aid is usually under 4%, less than half of the overall admit rate, usually about 8%. Effective March 10, 2020, all Duke-sponsored events over 50 people have been cancelled, rescheduled, postponed or virtualized. We work to attract a student population that is diverse in background, culture, socioeconomic status, race, ethnicity, and work and life experiences. Visit our FAQs for more information about our Test-Optional policy. The Office of Admissions is available to help you whether you are just beginning to consider the right university or already have a focused plan and are ready to apply. We also encourage students to enroll in advanced-level work in as many areas as reasonable, regardless of your intended major. Please share with us why you consider Duke a good match for you. Successful applicants typically send ACT scores in the top 2 percent nationally. If you are a high school student in an “early college” or dual-enrollment program earning an associate degree while finishing high school, you should apply as a first-year applicant. Duke will consider official scores as well as scores that are self-reported on the application. This admissions data tells us that most of Duke's admitted students fall within the top 7% nationally on the SAT. Real people are reading your application, and we want to do our best to understand and appreciate the real people applying to Duke. In addition to completing the form, you must provide verification of adequate financial resources to cover the cost of studying at Duke and living in Durham. Ask your recommender to submit the letter through the Common Application or Coalition process. Reactivating Admissions Files 43 date. What has changed since then, and what has led you to consider transferring? Our office is prohibited by law from making inquiries about a student’s disability in the admissions process. Ask your recommender to submit the letter through the Common Application or Coalition process. For students applying to the Pratt School of Engineering, we require coursework in calculus and strongly recommend physics. Office of Undergraduate Admissions. Submitting essay scores from the ACT and/or SAT is optional. Through your Common Application or Coalition Application you may request an application fee waiver online, and your school counselor will receive an email invitation to endorse your request. This tells you how competitive the school is and how serious their requirements are. To apply for aid at Duke, first submit an Undergraduate Admissions Application and check the box indicating that you would like to be considered for financial aid. For a quick reference of deadlines, click here. 2019 Duke Acceptance Rate: Class of 2023. for admission and determines the documents required to complete an application file. Jump-Start the College Admissions Process: 2021 dates pending Read more about the DAA events that will be impacted. Of those, 3,569 were accepted, and 1,758 enrolled. You may begin to submit artistic materials on February 15. For transfer students, we would like to understand more about you and your academic path. Admission data indicates that Duke regularly accepts students with ACT's of 33 and above. Duke University has a clear-cut guideline for viewing admissions files, with six components — high school curriculum, academics, recommendations, essays, extracurriculars, and test scores — graded from one to five. We recommend but do not require four years of English and at least three years of mathematics, natural science, foreign language, and social studies. Duke University issues four-year aid awards for international applicants. We will continue to consider SAT and ACT scores as part of the application of students who choose to submit them and will accept self-reported scores for purposes of assessing an application. There is no separate application for international students. Admissions Rate: 8.9%. If you have information that you need to share with us that will not be reflected elsewhere in your application, you may add it to the Additional Information section of the application. There’s an element of camaraderie here that doesn’t exist anywhere else. We do not require the optional essay. For the evidence-based reading and writing section, 50% of students admitted to Duke scored between 710 and 770, while 25% scored below 710 and 25% scored above 770. To add a more recent transcript, please email a.pdf copy of the document to The outstanding individuals who apply for admission to Duke each year continually astound us. For students who submit both ACT and SAT scores, Duke will consider your best score. We have alumni volunteers conducting interviews in forty-two countries worldwide. You do not need a social security number to use the Common Application or Coalition Application; that field can be left blank. We hope to get to know you through the documents we require as part of our application process. Mandyam requested his admissions file by email in mid-October and received it through a secure link in mid-November. Beginning with students who are applying for admission for Fall of 2020, Duke will review undocumented and DACA students using the same “need-blind” process as applicants who are U.S. citizens or permanent residents. If you are sending in scores, official GRE scores must be transmitted electronically from the Educational Testing Services (E.T.S.) We encourage homeschooled students to submit AP test and/or additional SAT subject results in the absence of grades to demonstrate additional evidence. If you are a non-native English speaker or if you are not currently studying in an English-medium curriculum, we recommend but do not require that you take an English proficiency test. There is no separate admissions process at Duke for students with disabilities. The request should include the following: full name, Duke student ID or Unique ID, records requested to be reviewed, purpose of review, admit term (s), Duke school/program (s), phone, and home and local addresses. 1 . Why and how did you choose your current or most recent college or university? When you apply, you should be honest about your current citizenship status. Submit the completed form, along with all required documentation, to the graduate admissions office. These interviews will serve in lieu of alumni interviews. Please check with the event sponsor regarding event status. Please note if you choose to not have your scores considered, we will not suppress SAT Subject Test scores or AP scores if they are already on file with Duke. Dean for Admissions and Financial Aid, at, or (919) 613-7020. Please save your files with the following information in the file name: Applicant Surname or Student Family Name_Applicant Given Name_Applicant 7 Digit Financial Aid ID # Please email us at for detailed submission instructions. Regular Decision is for students who want to keep their options open. Inside were the mostly dull, occasionally wrong, sometimes informative papers that documented my admissions process. The Duke University Archives is the official repository for records of Duke University and has a charge to make them available for use in accordance with policies approved by Duke University's Board of Trustees, administration and faculty. Admissions Rate: 8.9%. We are happy to accept artistic supplements. Early Decision or Regular Decision? quite an interesting experience matthew's video: DOES HARVARD DISCRIMINATE? We look at the courses you’ve taken from what’s available to you, individual grades in academic courses, overall GPA, and class rank (when available). Application for admissions records to a Duke University school or program in which the student is not currently in attendance. Search Constraints Start Over You searched for: Names Duke University -- Admission Remove constraint Names: Duke University -- Admission Names Duke University. You will be required to request ETS to send an official copy of your scores to Duke University School of Law - institution code 4916. In recent years, approximately one in five applicants has been offered admission; however, admission rates vary significantly by department. Duke also prides itself on its strong alumni network, and there are currently 157,017 active Duke alumni. At least half the courses of a student’s major field must be taken at Duke, although individual departments and programs offering majors may require that a greater proportion be taken at Duke. Candidates who do not hear from an interviewer by November 20 (Early Decision) or the second week of February (Regular Decision) are welcome to submit an additional recommendation in place of the interview. However, there is a good chance that credits will transfer if coursework taken at the applicant’s current/previous accredited college is comparable to courses offered at Duke in areas such as natural science, math, foreign language, literature, social sciences and the arts. May 1 2021 AMCAS Application Opens; Jun 3 2021 AMCAS Submission Begins; Jun 27 2021 AMCAS Transmission Begins; Jul 1 2021 DukeMed Application Opens; Oct 30 2021 AMCAS Submission Deadline; Nov 30 2021 DukeMed Submission Deadline; Activate Application; Guest. Alumni interviews are an optional component of the Duke application process. Created with Sketch. Important Dates. Learn more about admissions . Students from more than 100 countries have found a home at Duke. The applicant should update his or her personal statement and resume at that time. For every 100 applicants, only 9 are admitted. Created with Sketch. Duke will grant credit for no more than two years of coursework completed elsewhere, regardless of the number of credits a student has previously earned. While he expected to come across comments by admissions officers, he only saw his application — without any written notes — and four numbers. Duke University issues four-year aid awards for international applicants. If you want to get in, the first thing to look at is the acceptance rate. Because of the high volume of applicants we receive from China, Duke will accept admissions interviews from InitialView for students attending school in China. And yet, there in my files, I found a note from my an admissions officer: "She'd be a good admit for us from the Minneapolis Public Schools." Required materials for transfer admission include an application for transfer admission, College Report, college transcript, final high school transcript, two instructor evaluations (at least one evaluation must be from a college instructor), valid ACT or SAT scores completed within the past five years, and required financial aid forms. Admission to the Law School is conditional upon receipt of a final official transcript of all undergraduate and graduate work undertaken by the candidate. We recommend four years of English and at least three years of mathematics, natural sciences, foreign language, and social studies. Quick Links Early Decision Students Regular Decision Students The deadlines for financial aid applications will differ depending on whether you apply through the early or regular decision process. Admissions Standards 39 The Law School strives to treat each applicant fairly and with candor. Unfortunately,  we are unable to interview every applicant, every year. We do not use information about a disability to deny admission to a student. Admission to the Duke University Graduate School is a competitive process, and your chances of being admitted will differ from year to year depending on the strength of the applicant pool. Duke’s overall acceptance rate was approximately 11%. You are here. To obtain an F-1 visa for study in the United States, a foreign citizen must furnish his or her home country’s U.S. consulate with proof of ability to meet educational expenses, along with a certificate of eligibility for a visa application (the I-20 form). Transfer application fees may be waived if transfer students are Pell grant eligible or meets one of the following indicators of economic need. The Duke experience is all-encompassing, interactive, and vibrant. Welcome! The most successful applicants will have a minimum college GPA of 3.7 in a challenging academic program. Students who wish to interview must submit their application by the Early Decision deadline (November 16) or the Regular Decision priority interview deadline (December 20). COVID-19 Update: As per Duke policy, all staff in the Office of Admissions in the Duke School of Medicine are working remotely until further notice.To contact us, please email: Apply here for the MD, MD/PhD and the Primary Care Leadership Track (PCLT) MD programs. Admissions Profile . We understand that each individual family best decides the choice of curriculum. When evaluating applications to Duke, the admissions committee reviews several documents that make up each file. This form can be accessed here. Any new documents will be appended to your application, and will not replace any existing documents. (200 words maximum), Duke University seeks a talented, engaged student body that embodies the wide range of human experience; we believe that the diversity of our students makes our community stronger. A group of Stanford students have discovered a way to access their own confidential admissions files — including comments by admissions officers, criticisms of their applications, and information about how their status as minorities, athletes, or legacies affected their applications. Applications are received by AMCAS from late July until October 30. Please note that we do not accept credit card payment by telephone. Transfer admission to Duke is highly selective, with the admission rate ranging from 3% to 7% over the past five years. Letters from online instructors are less helpful if they have not had direct contact with the homeschool student. Duke University’s goal is to provide access, inclusion, and support to all of our students and their diverse backgrounds and needs.

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