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pros and cons of watchman device

Today we will be discussing the pros and cons of Watchman and other left atrial appendage occlusion devices for prevention of stroke in patients with nonvalvular atrial fibrillation. Talk to the doctors at Arrhythmia Center of America about the Watchman device to control stroke risks, 832-478-5067 Angie . Liked by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor, Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator. As you are working through this decision process, please keep posting and let us know how you are doing. The Watchman device comes in multiple sizes from 21mm to 33mm to accommodate the different sizes of LAAs. You gave us all a lot of insight into your thinking about this procedure. WATCHMAN™ Device . We implant the WATCHMAN device … I even watched the procedure on YouTube…it’s amazing what is on YouTube, lol. I’ve been in and out of aFib a number of times since then, and like you, worry constantly about having a stroke. Here’s a clinical update from Mayo Clinic, which compares other procedures and devices like the Watchman:, You may also wish to learn more about this open clinical trial/study at Mayo Clinic I was on it for 14 years with no problems – switching to Pradaxa was my downfall. How falls the Effect of the product from? Enter your email address and we'll send you a link to reset your password. Watchman device to warfarin for late ischemic stroke and systemic embolization. For three years I went without any A-fib treatment and a year ago I started taking a full dose aspirin daily. I’m keeping you in my thoughts and prayers that all will continue to go well for you. I go back to my Electrophysiologist on Monday to see where to go next. I will have a discussion with my cardiologist about why he put me on this vs. Warfarin. Take the time and watch it. What's involved in the WATCHMAN procedure? The Watchman device was too large for my LAA so they fitted an Amplatzer amulet device instead in March this year and although the thought of the procedure was a bit nerve racking it all went well and so far no problems. The next step is another TEE (on Oct. 30) to look at the implant from the esophagus. “What is a little alarming,” he continued, “is that the risk for DRT remains and extends well beyond the standard periods of anticoagulation, so there’s a big question about when are we out of the woods and is that something we can predict based on the patient profile or any other factors?”, De Lurgio pointed out that the factors associated with DRT in the current study parallel traditional stroke risk factors, “so that is maybe an insight into something we can do for these patients.”. Liked by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor, Jamie Olson, version loaded in 0.404 seconds, "Hi Mary! Extensive experience and promising results with the Watchman™ device, offering it before any other program in Northern California after FDA approval. What are the risks? And I think that’s a very important take-home message.”, In the meantime, we look forward to getting to know you, @tresjur. Thanks, Liked by Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator, Lisa Lucier, @tresjur Thank you so much for sharing your story; I’m certain that many Connect members will appreciate your insights. At the 6 month mark, I meet with the surgical team for a checkup and in November (the year mark) I go in for another TEE to check out healing and to make sure there is no leakages. A total of 463 patients received the Watchman device and 244 received treatment with warfarin alone. How accurately does a Fitness tracker convert data? Glad to see things are working with your Watchman so far!! The Watchman implant is a permanent heart device. We appreciate your review of the Support Network. That device, which had been available as part of a limited market rollout in Europe, was pulled from shelves in April 2016 due to device embolization concerns. After 2 transfusions my numbers were not coming up so the doctor came in to inform me that they were moving me to the ICU because they were afraid I was going to crash. Mechanical. And the bleeding stopped immediately. On Sep 23, I developed a severe GI bleed, resulting in the loss of a lit of blood, a 5 day stay in the hospital, 2 blood transfusions and a significant setback overall. No change in the net-benefit calculation. You mentioned that there is no reversal to stop bleeding when you’re on Eliquis, and I’ve seen others mention it as well. How Does DRT Affect the Benefits of LAA Closure? Today, in this blog I am going to discuss the pros and cons of Jailbreaking the Fire Stick. It should be very helpful to others who are considering a Watchman Device. My first visit with the … My decision to go with the Watchman was primarily to prevent clots and secondly to give me a little peace of mind from worrying about a stroke. I guess there’s no one stop quick fix, we just have to go with the best option. Serving as a discussant after Reddy’s presentation, David De Lurgio, MD (Emory University, Atlanta, GA), said, “DRT does continue to occur despite modifications of the device, despite increased training. Also, regarding the operation protocol, you would probably need to discuss this with your doctor. I’m doing well so far and have not had a problem with the Eliquis so far. Work closely with your cardiologist, ask a ton of questions and do some research on your own. if possible!!. maybe repair of the mitral valve + ablation + watchman would be too risky for me? The implant is designed to prevent blood clots caused by atrial fibrillation (A-fib) from getting into the bloodstream. High device fragmentation IOS It has a review process, when developers want to publish an app they need to send it to Apple for review that takes around 7 days and it takes even more in some cases. After the Watchman procedure he plans on shocking my heart to get my heart into a good rhythm, out of constant AFib. an INR of 9, I ended up in ICU. In the PROTECT-AF trial, patients who were randomized to receive the LAA closure device … After ending up with a hemogloblin count of 5 and Get that accountability. Once the mainspring is wound, it slowly and evenly unwinds, causing the second hand to move in a smooth, sweeping motion around the watch’s face. left atrial appendage of the heart. However, it doesn’t mitigate the benefits of left atrial appendage closure with these devices relative to no therapy. That’s what I did. The WATCHMAN device, about the size of a quarter when … The implant itself is lightweight and only about the size of a quarter, so the procedure … No matter what treatment pathways you and your team decide to follow, the conversations you have together now and in the future are essential for protecting your health and ensuring you are feeling well and able to enjoy your life. A mechanical watch has a movement that’s powered by a mainspring — a coiled wire of metal — that is wound by hand. To me the only drawback with being on warfarin, is the monitoring INR levels, is what the other products advertise as being their advantage. I intend to discuss these new findings/recommendations with my cardiologist next month. The most common ones include looking for causes of fainting, palpitations, very fast or slow heartbeats, and … After my release, and lengthy discussions with my cardiologist, we decided that my body could no longer tolerate the What are the proposed advantages of the Watchman Device Implant? This keeps blood clots in the left atrial appendage from entering the bloodstream. The Watchman is inserted during an outpatient procedure through a catheter in your groin that is then fed up into your heart. Went to a new doctor for second opinion on how to get AFib under control. Hemorrhagic stroke, CV/unexplained death and nonprocedure-related major bleeding were all reduced with Watchman. Hi Mary! My first follow-up appointment with the electrophysiologist is on the 17th and I pray all is okay. The Watchman device has seen many improvements since those studies were published. hello Mary and Teresa. As for the impact of DRT, he said, “I do believe that DRT mitigates the benefits of left atrial appendage closure relative to warfarin . . These may include: Side effects from general anesthesia, such as an allergic reaction, confusion, or nausea. I’d also like to introduce you to @liberty @tazio and @yoanne who’ve posted questions about the risks associated with blood thinners, and I hope they will join this discussion with their thoughts. Outcome Measures. A major advantage with the device is that patients don’t have to take anticoagulants, so the risk of bleeding is minimized. Thank you, I had thought that I was on Xarelto because it was newer and didn’t have to be monitored as closely. Here is where I had issues. Keep these conversations going! I took warfarin for 14 of those years and then switched to Pradaxa. Once a patient’s Left Atrial Appendage is measured, a wide-sheathed catheter with a spline is used to insert the Watchman device … I can only tolerate a baby aspirin so that is the only thing I’m taking currently. Managing stroke risk is important with afib. Who is qualified to receive the WATCHMAN Device? – Assessment of the WATCHMAN™ Device in Patients Unsuitable for Oral Anticoagulation What had me on the fence is finding out the Watchman can only be removed with open heart surgery. I’ve been on Eliquis for several years now and have had no problems until last month. Device breakage can puncture a patient’s heart or blood vessels, and pericardial effusion can reduce the function of a patient’s heart. Between the plavix and full aspirin my hemoglobin started to drop. These patients had a more-than threefold increase in the risk of stroke or systemic embolism, as well as greater risks of major bleeding and hemorrhagic stroke. Study Details. I have always bruised easily and had a slow blood clotting time when I was younger. There is a lot of follow up (my cardiologist is seeing me once a month too) which is a good thing! How long have you been on warfarin? Hoping I can stay on a thinner though because like all of us I’m worried about clots. I do know for sure that the initial TEE, and going on a blood thinner before and after the implantation is a requirement. More than 150,000 WATCHMAN procedures have been performed worldwide. Even though I realize that nothing is 100% guaranteed or successful, I do have some relief now that I am again under treatment. All looked good so I went home around noon. Thrombus on the Watchman LAA Occluder Tied to Higher Stroke Risk. A 79 - year old man is known with asym-ptomatic permanent atrial fibrillation associated with hypertension since four years. From day one, my INR was all over the place, but luckily after pigging out on leafy green vegetables the day before the implant, my INR went down to 3.0, and just prior to implantation it was a 1.9. Are you in the UK, if you're in US someone on here has had the Watchman … My hemoglobin is very slowly coming back up (with the help of iron infusions once a month) and is again stable even though it is not back in the standard range. Are their certain foods you have to avoid now? A possible down-side to the newer products is that unlike warfarin, there isn’t an antidote to reverse their effect in an emergency. It’s an jellyfish looking implant that is inserted in the After much research, etc., I decided to go for it. Reply (0) Report. /Why does Xarelto make you cringe. My bleeding was caused from an ulcer that broke open, and of course, as with any blood thinner, it was down hill from there!! I know you’re anxious for Oct 30 to come. I hope you will respond to another post in this forum by CaroleDiane who has also experienced a bleeding problem while taking Eliquis. DRT was not associated with higher rates of cardiovascular or all-cause mortality. What do you think of my thoughts? It has several uses. Liked by Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator, When I hear about all the problems with Pradaza and Equis I am thankful that I am still on warfarin. I’m on my long path now to get approved for the Watchman. Typically, they are installed in strategic locations throughout the home to get a view of your nanny and child. In fact, the Watchman has often been the subject of hospital … Went to a new doctor for second opinion on how to get AFib under control. WATCHMAN is the only device of its kind approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for reducing the risk of stroke in people with atrial fibrillation not caused by a heart valve problem. Get the #1 Ranked AFib Book on Amazon.. if all is working well. This is not surprising since the Watchman is a foreign body left in the heart. I’m posting this experience and wondering if anyone else has undergone this procedure and may be further along in their journey. I know what the quality of life is like after suffering a debilitating stroke from watching my aunt and grandma go through it. Liked by Teresa, Volunteer Mentor, Kanaaz Pereira, Connect Moderator, Lisa Lucier. My Electrophysiologist has already said I was a candidate – I just have to get approval from my cardiologist and my gastric doctor. I lived the 3 plus years not being on blood thinners with the though of stroke in the back of my mind. Specifically, those patients who are already undergoing warfarin therapy or who are suitable candidates for warfarin and are seeking a long-term solution to increased risk of blood clots without the use of pharmaceuticals may be eligible for WATCHMAN. Welcome to the Heart & Blood Health group, @tresjur. A very scary time for me. But whatever they gave me worked very well. Bleeding due to heart catheterization. Today I reached the one-month mark since I had the Watchman implanted. I understood that no further anticoagulation is necessary wenn an echocardiogram before discontinuing anticoagulation shows adequate LA emptying by the absence of spontaneous LA echocardiography contrast .on the other hand they recommend the implantation of a watchman device (never heard of that name before!! ) So far I haven’t had any problems with the Eliquis and should be off of them in another 25 days. Questions have been raised about validity of studies, many of which have been sponsored by the device … atientP -level meta-analyses at 5-year follow up for the 2 trials reported that the Watchman device is noninferior to warfarin on the composite outcome of stroke, systemic embolism, and cardiovascular death. Your doctor may prescribe another blood thinner for a few months to make sure the implant is working properly. The WATCHMAN device is a one-time, permanent implant that reduces the risk of stroke in patients with AFib, eliminating the need for and long-term risk of bleeding caused by blood thinners such as warfarin. I’m still on Eliquis at a lower dose, to prevent bleedings like I had on Xarelto. I went on Coumadin during this time because I cannot take any of the newer drugs (I was taking Eliquis when I had the major bleed). “The thought that there is an increased hemorrhagic stroke [risk], probably due to reinstitution of anticoagulation, does beg the question of whether there’s something we can do with different anticoagulants that are known to be associated with a lower intracranial hemorrhage should we see DRT,” De Lurgio said. Of course by then I had already lost a lot of blood and had to have two blood transfusions that week. I cringe when I read about Equis and Xeralto. I stayed in the hospital overnight with hourly checks on the groin (incision site) and the stitches were removed the same day as the procedure. Well, there are smartphone apps where you can check and interpret the tracked metrics. The incision site was rather painful that first day, but on the second day, the pain was down to a level 4. Strokes (not A-Fib related) run in my family. Disclosures •Grant support: –Atritech Inc, Coherex Medical Inc, Sentreheart Inc ... •WATCHMAN … Managing stroke risk is important with afib. . Pros: I don’t see any at all, it’s yet another device to take up time, Monty, and space that I don’t need . Device-related thrombus mitigates the benefits of LAA closure relative to warfarin, but not relative to doing nothing at all, one expert says. Thank you so much for sharing your experiences. He noted to TCTMD that the next-generation Watchman FLX device—for which clinical trials started just this week—has a smaller metal hub that will hopefully reduce thrombus formation. Device: Watchman/FLX for left atrial appendage closure The closure of the left atrial appendage (LAAC) is performed percutaneously. I’m not sure if this is actually true, but certainly something to ask your healthcare professional about. I wanted to share my journey with you, however your journey may be different based on your current condition. Serious bleeding … Efficacy Issues: Two studies published in 2018, one from Watchman investigators, [2] and the other from independent French researchers, [3] found high rates of device-related thrombus on follow-up echocardiograms (Translation: clot stuck to the device). I pray that it never comes to that. Called the surgical team and was told to discuss with my cardiologist what he wanted to do. The manufacturer has protocols in place but each patient is different. I’ve had Chronic AFib for a couple of years, was recently admitted to hospital and diagnosed with congestive heart failure. Before we get into its pros and cons, let’s see how a fitness tracker work. Dr. John Mandrola argues that randomized, controlled trials of the Watchman, designed for LAA closure, showed the device failed to reduce ischemic stroke, despite being designed for just … Pros and cons of new device “The WATCHMAN is a big development — the FDA kept the indication broad,” says Dr. Wazni. The doctor has to make a judgment call weighing the pros and cons of taking an anticoagulant.” Enter WATCHMAN. Cons: It Facebook which I have an account with but don’t ever use and it’s a device that doesn’t solve … Both air emboli and device embolization can cause a patient’s stroke. Once I passed the TEE, because of my history of GI bleeds, I then saw my GI doctor who scheduled a colonoscopy and upper GI endoscopy looking for any areas that might bleed as I would again be on blood thinners. Because it has been less than a month since the Watchman was implanted, I don’t have much to offer in the way of pros or cons on its effectivity. For three years I was on nothing and then on 325 mg aspirin in the last year. I’ve been on Warfarin for several years with no problem. Early this summer I saw the TV ads for the Watchman, for people who cannot take blood thinners. But when I went to the ER last month with a life- threatening gastric bleed, they were able to give me something that reversed the Eliquis. I’ve been living with A-Fib for close to 20 years now. ablation is generally safe, but it does have some risks. Hi Mary! I’m glad that you shared it with us. He wants me to have the Watchman … Watchman device insertion complications can lead to life-threatening injuries or death. There are many benefits to the Watchman Procedure when your have AFib. Your Complete Guide To AFib. They gave me an anticoagulant to stop the bleeding and it worked. A qualified cardiac electrophysiologist will be able to assess the pros and cons of … With all medical procedures there are risks associated with the implant procedure and the use of the device… Afterwards the manufacturer recommends that you take a blood thinner and a baby aspirin for 45 days. I’m new to all of this. It has been only 22 days I hope these informations are helpful for you. As the name suggests, nanny cams are cameras placed in a home to keep an eye on your nanny, babysitter, or au pair who watches your children. Went in for a TEE first to make sure that there were no clots in or around my heart and was scheduled the following week for insertion of the device. Click here to add your name, primary condition and basic information to be a valuable member. I’m feeling well but look forward to getting off the Eliquis as it does scare me that there is no reversal in case of bleeding. Didn’t know there was a down side. After discussing the pros and cons of closing the left atrial appendage with a WATCHMAN™ device, the patient and his family decided to choose this option. You displayed a real proactive response to your situation! It is good to hear from you. cannot take the thinners. Also, if you have any particular comment or question about Mary's (@tresjur) experience please let her know! Has anyone here had the Watchman procedure done and was it successful? The doctor will be looking for clots (hopefully none) and the size of the implant site to determine if the device will fit. After being on Pradaxa for 8 months, I started having GI bleeds and over the course of 14 months I had 8 blood transfusions. Her EP is recommending an ablation....but it would be helpful for her to know about the Watchman procedure as well as a possible option and your first hand experience would be valuable. the dose reduction was possible, because of my low weight (50 kg). Are you in the UK, if you're in US someone on here has had the Watchman in the States and could advise you. Unfortunately, we are not medical professionals and therefore cannot advise you about your particular medical situation (your own doctor would need to address these issues). I have been on Xarelto for about 6 weeks. Patients with the Watchman Device can typically stop strong blood thinning medication such as Coumadin 45 days after … 2020 Mazda CX-30 Pros and Cons Review: Stuck in No Man’s Land The CX-30 may feel premium and sporty inside, but it lacks the cohesiveness to attract luxury-SUV buyers. I thought Warfarin had the same cons. Once the device is in place, a thin layer of tissue grows over it in about 45 days. It usually takes about 45 days. I believe my bleeding was caused from a gastric ulcer that started bleeding. Once a patient’s Left Atrial Appendage is measured, a wide-sheathed catheter with a spline is used to insert the Watchman device which has a self-expanding Nitinol (a special metal) open-ended circular frame. The What are the pros and cons of using a VPN will get apps for just almost every device – Windows and Mac PCs, iPhones, Android tendency, Smart TVs, routers and more – and while they might effectual complex, it's in real time as easy as pressing a only button and getting adjoining. Etiology of Stroke and the Pros and Cons of Device-Based LAA Closure Vivek Y. Reddy Helmsley Trust Professor of Medicine Mt Sinai School of Medicine New York, New York. I had the implantation done on September 13th, which requires an overnight stay in the hospital, and will be on Eliquis and an aspirin for about 45 days, then I will just take an aspirin daily for the rest of my life. yoanne. . The mean CHADS ... Pros and Cons of Extended Follow-Up. since my implant. Additionally, in PROTECT AF, Watchman reduced disabling stroke, CV … Extremely scary worrying about either. I have read and agree to the Terms and Conditions. Implantation of the Watchman/FLX will be performed according to device specific instruction for use, based on both TEE guidance and angiography, femoral venous access and inter-atrial septum crossing. My first visit with the electrophysiologist is 2 weeks from today and at the end of October, I will undergo another TEE to determine The WATCHMAN Device is still relatively new to the market, yet it has been implanted in over 10,000 patients across the globe already. From reading the pros and cons of this device, it is my understanding that it does not work any better than blood thinners, but is an option for those who

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