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1 Depicts a Vibrant Past... and an Already-Dated Future? Mr. Bergstrom also encourages the students to patronize the Springfield Museum of Natural History, as it will soon be going bankrupt. Dustin Hoffman (Credited as Sam Etic). Lisa bids Mr. Bergstrom a tearful farewell. Dustin Hoffman brings plenty of both nuance and humor to the role of Mr. Bergstrom, culminating in the emotionally charged “You are Lisa Simpson” moment. Status The biggest impact Mr. Bergstrom had on Lisa was raising her self-confidence and telling her to appreciate herself for who she really is. In the episode, Lisa's teacher Miss Hoover takes medical leave due to what she thinks is Lyme disease, so substitute teacherMr. Lisa finds Mr. Bergstrom's teaching methods incredibly inspiring and discovers an entirely new love for learning. A one-stop shop for all things video games. >At Ayn Rand School for Tots, Maggie plays with alphabet blocks and says her first words, voiced by Jodie Foster >"A is A". Before he leaves, Mr. Bergstrom writes a note to Lisa and tells her to read it anytime she's feeling sad or alone. Though she only appears in a few episodes, she is an important part of Homer’s life and gives his story a significant amount of pathos. In German, "Bergstrom" means: "Mountain stream", i.e. Unsurprisingly, he’s delighted when Mr. Bergstrom inevitably moves on, dismissing Lisa’s sadness with a classic Homer line, “Hey! The other is. In Season 15, Episode 13, "Smart and Smarter," Marge hands Lisa a similar note when she is feeling jealous after Maggie got accepted into a gifted school. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Substitute Teacher >Gets to class and he teenager, Mr. Bergstrom, recognizes her >"And you are...?" This episode is notable for … Mr. Bergstrom is a minor hero from TV Series "The Simpsons". Lisa says she did not draw it, although his praise of the art makes her wish she did. Mr. Bergstrom took over for Ms. Hoover after she believed she had Lyme Disease and Lisa immediately took to him because he was the kind of male role model she needed in her life, but he had to leave Springfield after Ms. Hoover returned. Really it would take weeks to list all my favorite moments. An angry Lisa lashes out at her father after he ignores her feelings about the loss of her substitute teacher. Lisa is distraught, but he … Episodes: Quotes: Mr. Bergstrom: as heard in Season 2 - Lisa's Substitute: That's the problem with being middle class. It originally aired on the Fox network in the United States on April 25, 1991. First is a parodist nod to The Graduate (Truman & Nicholas, 1967) in which Dustin Hoffman makes the same accusation to Ms. Robinson. Marge suggests Lisa invite Bergstrom over to dinner, which Lisa readily agrees to. When Miss Hoover returns to find that Mr. Bergstrom didn’t touch her lesson plan, she asks what he taught the class. He was the fifth and final prize to be won in the event's Act 1. Mr. Bergstrom encourages Homer to think more highly of himself, for he is the only man in the world who is Lisa's father. In this episode, "Lisa's Substitute," Lisa's teacher Miss Hoover goes on sick leave and she is replaced with Mr. Bergstrom. He is a substitute teacher, who was Lisa Simpson 's substitute teacher for a period of time. In the classic Season 2, Episode 19, "Lisa's Substitute," Ms. Hoover took a medical leave from class after thinking she caught Lyme disease. He's a fun-loving teacher that plays the guitar while wearing a cowboy costume and cries while reading Charlotte's Web. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. Voiced by It goes on and on and on. 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The most touching part of this episode was when Lisa's substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom (voiced by Dustin Hoffman) had to leave because he had to take a job to another city and Lisa was very sad about it. Lisa is smitten with the smart, sensitive man, who contrasts so favorable; it seems, with her own father. >"Lisa Simpson." Lisa runs into Mr. Bergstrom at the museum and is embarrassed when Homer displays his usual oafishness. Marge informed Lisa her food was getting cold. Bergstrom takes over the class. Sensing that Lisa is missing something in her relationship with her dad, Mr. Bergstrom takes Homer aside to suggest he be a more positive role model. And there are so many tiny moments I … Here is the first of many said spirits, perhaps the more famous, the soft-spoken intellectual Mr. Bergstrom. Enraptured by Mr. Bergstrom’s unorthodox teaching methods and poignant insights, Lisa develops an early crush. When Miss Hoover returns to her class, Lisa is devastated to lose her most positive a downhill stream at the source of a river. He also appeared in the episode "The Kids is All Right". "Lisa's Substitute" (Season 2, Episode 19) Mr Bergstrom is Lisa's favourite substitute teacher, but then he has to leave. When Lisa was sad because Maggie was smarter than her, Marge gave Lisa a paper that said "You are Lisa Simpson" and then Lisa says, "I already have one of those," referring to Mr. Bergstrom's note[2]. However she finds out that Ms. Hoover has returned, her bout with Lyme disease was really just psychosis. Miss Hoover’s absence brings him into Lisa’s life, and she is immediately smitten with this thoughtful, somewhat geeky substitute teacher. When Lisa's teacher Miss Hoover gets Lyme Disease, Mr. Bergstrom takes over the class. ", RELATED: The Simpsons EP Explains the Show's Biggest Political Statement Ever. This is made evident by his quote, "I'm sorry. In reference to a classic Simpsons' episode, Lisa missed her opportunity to reunite with a certain substitute teacher. When Lisa finds an intellectual peer in charismatic substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom (played by “Sam Etic,” a.k.a. Actor Dustin Hoffman (credited under a pseudonym) lends his voice to this season two episode, tackling the role of the substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom. Actor Dustin Hoffman (credited under a pseudonym) lends his voice to this season two episode, tackling the role of the substitute teacher Mr. Bergstrom. He, like his voice actor, Dustin Hoffman, is Jewish. Aside from his appearance in "Lisa's Substitute," Mr. Bergstrom has been referenced a few times throughout the series. He appeared in the episode "Lisa's Substitute". Occupation Bart runs for class office. Mr. Bergstrom was an important mentor figure in Lisa's life, and he left a large impact on the young girl during his short stay at Springfield Elementary. In both the way he’s contrasted with Homer as a father figure for Lisa and the jabs at Hoffman’s career (“Mrs. When Miss Hoover returns to class, Lisa is devastated to lose her most positive adult role model. "Lisa's Substitute" is still a beloved episode of The Simpsons and with good reason. Event… Mr.Bergstrom Dustin Hoffman–using the pseudonym Sam Etic–guest starred in it as Mr. Bergstrom. Episode 19 Lisa’s teacher, Miss Hoover, is stricken with Lyme disease, and Mr. Bergstrom, a cool, witty, substitute teacher takes her place. Vol. Mr. Bergstrom was Lisa Simpson's substitute teacher for a period of time.

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