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denjiro dan kyoshiro

He was able to correctly deduce the Kurokoma's intention for issuing a bounty for a white boar in order to oust Hyogoro by using the Mountain God. As the boss of the Kyoshiro Family, he appears to care greatly about his subordinates. [2], Denjiro gathered a large number of followers, and with his newfound power, he offered to serve Orochi as his bodyguard and supply the shogun with more riches. Since the beginning of the Yonko saga, Oda has continued to emphasize the role of traitors. [12] He even protected Orochi as the loyal guard dog from Roronoa Zoro's attack against the shogun. [24], As he was drinking alcohol, Denjiro began to mock Kurozumi Orochi for living in fear of the prophecy stated by Oden's wife Toki, which was that the Kozuki Family would avenge themselves after 20 years. In this state, he is prone to experiencing rapid mood swings, ranging from laughter to intensity to falling asleep. This revelation debunks all other theories about Denjiro’s identity. Fun is what he does!” Language: English Words: 953 Chapters: 1/1 Comments: 2 Kudos: 26 Bookmarks: 4 Hits: 209 He lives in a pleasure hall. He has shown incredible caution as he advised Hiyori to live under an alias to protect herself from Orochi and the Beasts Pirates, and came up with a plan of faking her death that allows her to escape Orochi's wrath when she stood up against him to protect Toko. [10] They later followed Oden on his journey to Kuri. After Raizo reflected Kaido's Bolo Breath back at him, four of the Scabbards—Denjiro, Ashura, Kin'emon, and Inuarashi—replicated Oden's Nitoryu stance and struck Kaido's scar with the same attack that made it. [39], Later, Denjiro freed the 1,000 samurai that were imprisoned in Rasetsu Town, and together with the Kyoshiro Family, they went to where the confrontation between the Beasts Pirates and the samurai alliance was. [2] Alongside his fellow Scabbards, Denjiro managed to push Kaido off his feet when ambushing him. [2] He then raised her for the next 13 years and made her into an oiran named Komurasaki. Denjiro's loyalty and strength of will cannot be understated. Denjiro commended Kin'emon for cleverly misinforming the other Scabbards to mislead the spy Kanjuro, unaware that Kin'emon had actually misunderstood the message. Kyoshiro is denjiro. Who will join hands with whom?” – Donquixote Doflamingo. An unspecified time after Oden's execution, Denjiro (as Kyoshiro) became a subordinate to Kurozumi Orochi and spent the better part of the past 20 years earning his trust in order to find a chance to overthrow him and restore the Kozuki Family to power. Oden successfully survived the hour, but Orochi summoned a firing squad to execute Oden and his retainers. 306 cm (10'0½")[4] When he was young, he wore a dark kimono with a four-leaf clover pattern; his face was also much rounder compared to its more pointed edges as an adult. Kyoshiro’s Goal Anime Concept Art of Denjiro (as Kyoshiro). As the boss of the Kyoshiro Family and one of the highest-ranking subordinates of the Kurozumi Family, Denjiro is one of the wealthiest, most influential citzens of the Flower Capital, able to hire high-ranking geisha dancers to per… Denjiro, alongside the other Red Scabbards (with Izo taking Kanjuro's place), charge into battle. Denjiro Kozaburo would later die, but his son, Koshiro would become the head of the dojo and have a daughter named Kuina. [13] However, his efforts to help Orochi are all a ruse to help the Kozuki Family on the day of the final battle. Orochi commended Denjiro's use of excessive force and took the opportunity to talk about Toki's prophecy. If it wasn’t for the fact that Kinemon was older, it’s likely that Denjiro would have been considered the captain of the scabbards. When they asked for his name, Denjiro called himself Kyoshiro. As the revolution proceeded smoothly, Denjiro gave a sinister smile at finally making Orochi pay for what he did to Oden and the Wano citizens. It’s hard to envision that Denjiro would betray Oden for the same reasons it’s hard to imagine Kinemon betraying Oden. This could explain why he hasn’t told anyone his identity, because he truly believes all his old comrades are dead. Unfortunately, the samurai were overwhelmed in the end. [OP QUIZ] Which One Piece character he is? After being lectured by Yasuie, Denjiro and the rest of the Scabbards became noble and educated samurai. Area no Haoshoku 215,420 views. Since he would be attending the banquet, he ordered the subordinate to contact Queen to send assassins. Denjiro was opportunistic enough to exploit the trust of Orochi and the Beast Pirates, using his temporary authority over the Flower Capital to liberate the one thousand prisoners of Rasetsu District to join him in the Kozuki revolution as well as sinking a Beasts Pirates ship when they let their guard down in his presence. [22], On the day of the Fire Festival, Denjiro was left in charge of the Flower Capital while Orochi departed for Onigashima. 30 years ago, they visited the Flower Capital with Oden. Denjiro then informed Kin'emon that the boar was an offspring of the Mountain God, which began attacking the capital. [14], As noted by numerous bystanders, Denjiro has extraordinary intelligence, being eloquent and persuasive enough to manipulate people into giving him what he wants. The Scabbards fled with tears as Oden met his demise. Therefore, he and the other retainers attempted to steal money from Yasuie, but they were caught. [23], Denjiro is extremely agile, as shown when he is able to run and leap across rooftops when robbing houses at night as Ushimitsu Kozo.[2]. Zoro would ultimately stumble across the village and we know the story from there. Desain awal Denjiro di Vivre Card Kozaburo took his younger son with him to the East Blue, and left his older son behind after learning that Denjiro’s eyesight would hinder his ability to become a great swordsman. [OP QUIZ] Combine Devil Fruits with their respective Users, [OP QUIZ] Test Your Knowledge On Devil Fruits. On top of that, notice how Kyoshiro is respected by his men and many of the samurai silently admire him. Samurai;[3] Retainer of the Kozuki Family; Yakuza Boss; Money Changer;[1] Thief[2] Kala menyamar sebagai Kyoshiro, Denjiro punya peran penting dan untungnya berhasil mendapat reputasi yang cukup baik sebagai anggota mafia.Alhasil, dirinya pun bisa tampil sebagai bos Yakuza yang sangat dihormati di One Piece.Seiring waktu, Kyoshiro berhasil mendapatkan ribuan pengikut dan bakal jadi bantuan tentara yang berharga di perang besar, nantinya. We're a community of creatives sharing everything Minecraft! The ponytail that Denjiro grows could have been easily styled to resemble present-day Kyroshiro. JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM - Kyoshiro sering disebut-sebut sebagai sosok Denjiro yaitu Nine Red Scabbard terakhir yang masih belum diperlihatkan identitas aslinya. Our website uses cookies to improve your experience. Kyoshiro bisa tertidur saat sedang berbicara dan dijuluki “Napping Kyoshiro” Denjiro semakin kagum dengan oden saat melihat oden mengalahkan dewa babi gunung yang mengamuk; Hiyori mengetahui jika Kyoshiro adalah denjiro saat pertama kali bertemu kyosiro. Denjiro seemingly strikes down "Komurasaki". After escaped the Kozuki Family's castle, he managed to gain Orochi's trust to become his subordinate as a spy for the Kozuki family to overthrow him and Kaido. He also instructed Hiyori to keep his identity a secret from even their allies, which would prove crucial as Kanjuro, a fellow member of the Nine Red Scabbards, was revealed to be a spy for Orochi. [3] However, he still cares about his family and will do what he needs to have them defended or avenged, regardless of how low-ranking they are. [5], After becoming grief-stricken over Oden's execution 20 years ago, Denjiro's appearance changed and he started going under the name Kyoshiro. [15], In his guise as Kyoshiro, Denjiro deceived the crew into trusting him and like his subordinates, they refer to him as "Boss". It would not be surprising if One Piece chapter 974 is the time when the manga returns to the present. 20 years ago, Oden finally had enough and decided to take down Kaido. [42], After receiving Beasts Pirates disguises, the alliance divided their forces with Denjiro leading the southern forces. Manga Kinemon sudah memperhitungkan kalau Denjiro, Ashura Douji, dan Kawamatsu memiliki kekuatan setara dengan ratusan prajurit. Baca juga: Spoiler One Piece 973: Sebuah Kabar Buruk dari Toki The anime opening implied that Kyoshiro was Denjiro. Denjiro and Kin'emon begin to serve Oden. BANGKAPOS.COM - Manga One Piece Chapter 973 seharusnya dirilis minggu lalu, sempat tertunda karena sang penulis, Eiichiro Oda jatuh sakit. After Oden stepped into the pot of boiling oil, the retainers were about to join him, but Oden grabbed a plank and ordered them to stand on it as he held them over the pot. One was named Koshiro and the other was named Denjiro. After becoming Oden's retainer, he and the rest of the Scabbards worked to aid him in any way, until they were caught by Shimotsuki Yasuie during their attempt to steal his money. [34] With an army of pursuers chasing them, Denjiro and Ashura Doji split from the group to fight their enemies. His name? Anime Later, Denjiro/Kyoshiro might have reached an agreement with Kawamatsu – he helped Kaido arrest Kawamatsu in order to earn Kaido’s trust and secretly took Hiyori into his own protection. Alias: Brook [One Piece] Minecraft Skin. During the raid, Denjiro became aware of Kanjuro being the spy but believed he was deceived by Kin'emon. From his years of servitude towards Orochi as one of his highest ranking subordinates, Denjiro was able to gain insight towards Orochi's mindset, including correctly deducing the fact he had implanted a spy among his comrades, which Orochi had kept secret from most people except Kaido. Kinemon and O-Tsuro’s story also brought some excitement as their relationship in the past was very different from the present. Kozuki Family; Nine Red Scabbards;[2] Kyoshiro Family;[3] Kurozumi Family (former)[1] [2] He wears a dark blue kimono with circles and target patterns on it, as well as a blue, high-collared cape.[1]. [1] He had enough wealth to sponsor and groom Hiyori into the highest-ranking oiran in Wano. [12], Orochi went berserk in his multi-headed dragon form and one of his heads grabbed Komurasaki. 51 years ago Shimotsuki Kozaburo had twin boys. Eventually, he also started hiding his ponytail in a massive faux-pompadour. Denjiro chose to take full advantage of his changed appearance to live under a different identity, putting on a front of submitting to Orochi and becoming one of his most loyal subordinates in order to amass both wealth and influence that allow him to further his cause in supporting the Kozuki Family such as raising and protecting Kozuki Hiyori for thirteen years after she ran away from Kawamatsu. No featured entries match the criteria. Eventually, he started working for Oden's usurper, shogun Kurozumi Orochi, as his money changer and bodyguard; he would successfully keep his true allegiance to the Kozuki Family a secret and bide his time until the day would come of the Scabbards reuniting for the final battle to take down Orochi and Kaido. Join us! They were both introduced showing their relationship with money. Even if you don't post your own creations, we appreciate feedback on ours. Rencana Sempurna Kyoshiro / Denjiro Membungkam Orochi dan Kaido ( One Piece 973 ) - Duration: 10:01. [OP QUIZ] How well do you know Whitebeard Pirates? This means, Kyoshiro probably didn’t even recognize Hiyori. Kyoshiro menyamarkan nama … This is where Kyoshiro’s coup will begin. [11] Denjiro has also shown to be very kind, as after becoming Kyoshiro, he works hard in secret to give money to the citizens left impoverished by Orochi's tyranny, and he also took the responsibility of caring for Hiyori after she was separated from Kawamatsu. Ditambah dengan penggunaan make up, bukan hal yang tak mungkin orang-orang di sekitarnya tak akan lagi mengenalinya sebagai Denjiro. Lihat profil profesional denjiro kyoshiro di LinkedIn. [4] Before Oden's execution, he used to have rather big and round eyes as well as dark hair that was always kept in a long ponytail. His skill was shown when he deflected a powerful flying slash from Roronoa Zoro with ease and proceeded to evenly clash with Zoro's Nitoryu with only one sword for a brief time, preventing him from going after Orochi. Roll Random Skin! Tak lama kemudian, Hiyori muda tersandung di depan Kyoshiro dan di sini Kyoshiro mengungkapkan kepadanya bahwa dia adalah Denjiro. At night, Denjiro would disguise himself and steal from the homes of rich Flower Capital citizens and give the money to impoverished villages outside the capital. Denjiro was then surprised to see the Straw Hats take over the port in front of Onigashima. He is voiced by Daisuke Kishio. Of course, there will likely be other formidable samurai, but it’s telling that Kyoshiro is the only one that’s gotten the spotlight. I’m here today to tell you about another traitor. When he found Hiyori after she was separated from Kawamatsu, he was moved to tears on seeing her alive and well and revealed his true identity to her. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these ships? [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize all these female characters? Yes, Denjiro seemingly helped Hiyori escape Orochi’s rampage, but that doesn’t mean he was protecting her because she is Hiyori. Perlu diingat, Saat ini Kurozomi Orochi dan mayoritas penduduk Wano Kuni percaya bahwa Komurasaki sudah mati di tangan Bos Kyoshiro. Japanese Name: Komurasaki's kamuro Toko ended up laughing at Orochi, and chaos started breaking out as an altercation between the three of them started. He and Kin'emon then followed Oden to Shimotsuki Yasuie's residence at Hakumai. 3 years later, when Kaido and Orochi took over the country, Denjiro forced his wife and Tashigi to escape the country. VIEW. The story would have gone like this. Thanks to his connections within Wano's government, Denjiro is able to strengthen his group further by requesting assistance from his allies, particularly the Emperor-led Beasts Pirates,[3] who appear to treat him quite respectfully, as Page One referred to him as "Boss Kyoshiro" (狂死郎親分, Kyōshirō Oyabun?). Denjiro brought Hiyori in and revealed his true identity to her. There, Denjiro attacked one of the Beasts Pirates ships, revealed his true identity as Denjiro, and he then revealed that Yasuie's altered message actually instructed the Kozuki allies to meet at the wharf by Port Habu. Kyoshiro dan Komurasaki sempat terlihat melakukan kejahatan dengan menipu kakek-kakek tua hidung belang. Denjirō Oda has put some amazing Wano foreshadows in Thriller Bark arc. She lied to Zoro – Unlikely. He encountered Sasaki, who still thought he was one of Orochi's allies. Kyoshiro has been slowly rallying the support of all those around him. If she was to tell Zoro her true identity it follows logically that she would tell him she has met Denjro. He then panicked when Kin'emon tried to attack the Mountain God but was awestruck to witness Oden striking down the beast. So what is Kyoshiro’s goal then? At one time 41 years ago, he swindled a pot merchant. [12] He will not interfere with his own plans to help his subordinates in this regard, but he still ensures they are helped by telling them to contact the Beasts Pirates. In other words, Kyoshiro has been purposely sucking up to Orochi in public even though it’s clear he doesn’t respect him in private order to find the right time to strike. [7] He met up with Kin'emon, who showed him a white boar. The evidence favors the possibility that Kyoshiro is none other than the missing scabbard, Denjiro: From here on out I’ll be moving forward with the assumption that Kyoshiro is Denjiro. Tapi, dalam chapter 973, terungkap, Denjiro sengaja menyamar menjadi Kyoshiro untuk strategi kemenangan yang dijanjikan 20 tahun setelah Oden dieksekusi. His appearance in the recent chapter has opened a lot of avenues for fans to speculate on h… Denjiro melakukan penyamaran ini di karenakan agar mendapatkan informasi dan akan melakukan rencana balas dendamnya suatu saat nanti. Young Denjiro's eyes before his anger narrowed them. JAKARTA, JITUNEWS.COM - Kyoshiro sering disebut-sebut sebagai sosok Denjiro yaitu Nine Red Scabbard terakhir yang masih belum diperlihatkan identitas aslinya. Denjiro Sang Pelayan Shogun Kurozomi Orochi. Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. In fact, when Orochi became the shogun due to Oden's absence, he made it his job to make sure Kuri was well-funded in Oden's stead by borrowing and lending money. Bergabunglah dengan Facebook untuk terhubung dengan Kyoshiro Denjiro dan orang lain yang mungkin Anda kenal. Oden once again told his retainers to open Wano's borders before throwing them far away from the pot. [2][1][6], Apart from his Kyoshiro identity, Denjiro would disguise himself at night to rob the rich Flower Capital citizens and give to the poor living outside, earning him the moniker "Ushimitsu Kozo". One of Denjiro's cohorts warned him about those who bear a grudge against him, but Denjiro bluntly replied that there was nothing else he could have done and he had already suffered the biggest loss from Komurasaki's "death". "Kyoshiro" (狂死郎, Kyōshirō? 10:01. [16] He also he instructed her to adopt the alias "Komurasaki" to keep herself safe from Orochi and the Beasts Pirates. LinkedIn adalah jaringan bisnis terbesar di dunia yang membantu para profesional seperti denjiro kyoshiro menemukan koneksi internal untuk merekomendasikan kandidat karyawan, pakar industri, dan mitra bisnis. [43] On the way to their destination, Denjiro's group came across a gate and Denjiro discarded his Beasts Pirates disguise. There are three key pieces of information that are given to us when Kyoshiro/Denjiro was introduced: We already talked about why #2 is important. Manga One Piece 975 bahasa Indonesia Rencana Kinemon rilis akan membuka pintu perang besar di Wano dan Kyoshiro Datang mengaku sebagai Denjiro. Thus, Denjiro had opted to reveal his identity to Kin'emon only during the Fire Festival. Denjiro also stated that Orochi was very enraged because of Kin'emon's secret message card. Debut: Alive 8. Wano Country (Flower Capital)[1] During the raid on Onigashima, he took off his faux-pompadour when revealing his identity. One Piece Wiki is a FANDOM Anime Community. Oden and the Scabbards were then imprisoned in the Flower Capital and sentenced to be boiled alive in three days. [17], Denjiro returned to the Red-Light District and was informed that Komurasaki's wake was cancelled. [OP QUIZ] Can you recognize the laughter of these characters? Hopefully, he’ll ultimately realize his old comrades are alive. Romanized Name: [1] He falls asleep in public frequently due to being up in the middle of the night as Ushimitsu Kozo.[2]. Following Yasuie's advice, they educated themselves and trained to become dignified warriors. [19], As a member of the Nine Red Scabbards, Denjiro is a powerful samurai whom Kin'emon states (alongside Kawamatsu and Ashura Doji) is worth 100 men in battle. Denjiro attempted to advise Oden against making foolish decisions like giving Orochi money and leaving Wano, though Oden was rarely persuaded. Official English Name: Denjiro was seen with Hiyori as an adult when she swindled a man named Bingo of all his money. [28], After Inuarashi, Nekomamushi, and Kawamatsu joined Oden, they were running low on funds. Spekulasi kami mengarah kepada Koushiro yang tak lain adalah guru dari Roronoa Zoro sekaligus ayah dari Kuina. Denjiro was born a few seconds after Koshiro hence the “jiro” vs “shiro” suffixes (jiro implies second son, while shiro implies third son). Mix Play all Mix - … He came to the Flower Capital, where he was confronted over his rough appearance. He is able to perfectly restrain himself from expressing it and even bowed to the latter as well as protecting him from Zoro in order to not jeopardize the Kozuki revolution on the Fire Festival. This means, Kyoshiro probably didn’t even recognize Hiyori. Denjiro eagerly awaited their return for the past 20 years, while using his Kyoshiro alias to get close to Orochi in order to find an opportunity to exploit Orochi's trust to his advantage, eventually liberating the imprisoned samurai in the Rasetsu District as well as having his own yakuza family to support Kin'emon in his raid on Onigashima. Spekulasi kami mengarah kepada Koushiro yang tak lain adalah guru dari Roronoa Zoro sekaligus ayah dari Kuina. #1 and #3 are tightly linked and I speculate Kyoshiro was abandoned by his parents. Kaido roared lightning at them, but they dodged around it and each struck him in turn. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Kamis, 19 Maret 2020 13:35 WIB. A thread about One Piece 973 spoilers on Reddit confirms the most controversial theory about Denjiro disguised as Kyoshiro. [3] He later went to the banquet hall at Orochi's palace.[36]. [33] As Oden endured the hour, he explained to his retainers the reason Wano Country was isolated and requested them to open Wano's borders for him. Momonosuke ordered the alliance to press forward to Onigashima without worrying about him. The two were approached by Kozuki Oden, who asked them to give the boar to him.[14]. His eyes became slanted, he no longer wears sunglasses, he grew large sideburns, and his hair color changed to light blue. Denjiro then revealed his true allegiance by destroying one of the Beasts Pirates' ships and joining his true allies. Denjiro possesses an advanced level of Busoshoku Haki, which allows him to cut through Kaido's tremendously tough skin. [OP QUIZ] How Well Do You Know One Piece? Daisuke Kishio, Denjiro is a samurai from Wano Country and one of the Nine Red Scabbards who served as Kozuki Oden's retainers. Denjiro's intellect makes him an outstanding tactician. It doesn't matter how low-ranking some of my underlings are...once we've exchanged sake cups with one another, they're a member of my family! After the Whitebeard Pirates left Wano two weeks later, the retainers discovered Oden, Izo, Inuarashi, and Nekomamushi to be missing. 5. Yes, Denjiro seemingly helped Hiyori escape Orochi’s rampage, but that doesn’t mean he was protecting her because she is Hiyori. [2] As Denjiro trapped Sasaki, he showed a confident smile as their revolution proceed smoothly, finally elated that his patience in waiting for a chance to avenge Oden has paid off as he can finally exact revenge on Kaido and Orochi. Ultimately, he is quite diligent when he feels like it, as he was able to raise Komurasaki to become Wano's top-ranking oiran. He was able to earn the trust of the extremely cunning and cautious Orochi to be placed in charge of the Flower Capital during the Fire Festival. During Orochi's banquet at the Flower Capital, Hiyori angered the shogun and Denjiro had to fake her death in what looks like a samurai's mercy, which also stopped Orochi from marrying her.[17]. This was seen when he ordered his subordinate to contact Queen himself for an assassin to eliminate an individual who refused to comply with their extortion. [13] He is masterful enough to have been able to precisely cut through the blood bag Hiyori wore under her kimono without striking her body, allowing them to fake her death while she remained unharmed in reality. There are two possibilities here: There’s no reason to assume that Kyoshiro knows that Komuraski is Hiyori. As Oden tried to take the boar from Kin'emon, Denjiro expressed his admiration for Oden. Jadi meski rencana penyerbuan Onigashima digagalkan, besar kemungkinan Kyoshiro juga punya rencana sendiri untuk memastikan Kaido dan Orochi ditaklukkan! During his younger years, he used this skill to swindle shopkeepers by confusing them about getting a large bowl in exchange for a small bowl and refund. Among all those characters, however, Denjiro’s appearance is the most interesting and exciting. Due to Orochi being one of the two masterminds behind Oden's death, Denjiro held immense rage and hatred for Orochi. While intoxicated, he was unafraid of speaking bluntly about the shogun Orochi despite the potential danger, and he mocked the shogun for believing a prophecy from Kozuki Toki about his downfall. Affiliations: Denjiro possesses immense physical strength, being able to clash with Roronoa Zoro in terms of physical power. [2], As Kyoshiro, Denjiro acts as a cheerful man who loves to drink. [8], Because of his grudge towards Orochi, Denjiro's appearance changed sometime in the last 20 years. KYOSHIRO is the yakuza leader who "works" for Orochi. We’ve been acquainted with the past of interesting characters like Kozuki Sukiyaki, Oden and Yakuza boss Hyougoro. More Skins by Weston592. Orochi agreed, and Denjiro thus rose to power as the top yakuza boss, with him and his followers becoming known as the Kyoshiro Family. Kyoshiro juga adalah Ushimitsu Kozo, sang Witching Hour Boy. [38] At Rasetsu Town, when Roronoa Zoro attempted to attack Orochi with an air slash, Denjiro blocked the attack before engaging Zoro in battle. This explains why Kyoshiro saved Hiyori from Orochi by pretending to kill her. In the past, Denjiro got along with his comrades and worked with them to better serve Oden. Shinobu joined the samurai and in the ensuing battle, Denjiro and Kanjuro fought Queen. After learning about what happened with Kawamatsu, he took on the role as her second protector and raised her using his wealth and resources to groom her to become the highest ranking courtesan. Denjiro would also repeat this deception on Sasaki one of the strongest headliners of the Beast Pirates who still thinks he is an ally and was able to subdued him without any effort. Jika identitas Denjiro sebenarnya adalah memang Kyoshiro, ada kemungkinan Denjiro mengubah gaya rambutnya. Bagi penggemar One Piece tidak perlu khawatir, pasalnya Manga One Piece 973 bahasa Indonesia akan segera rilis. [2] Denjiro is a masterful thief both because of his charisma as well as his ability to sneak into other people's homes and steal money. [2] At some point, Denjiro and Ashura battled Kaido together. [46], When Jack and a platoon arrived at the roof, the Scabbards watched as the Sulong minks engaged the enemy. Upon Luffy's request, Law teleported the Scabbards to a safe place.[51]. Namun pada chapter One Piece terbaru yaitu chapter 960 ternyata Denjiro kecil sama sekali tak mirip dengan Kyoshiro. Join Planet Minecraft! With this new identity, he became a yakuza boss and recruited followers to form the Kyoshiro Family. Denjiro pulled out his sword, saying a bloodbath was about to occur. Well, as I alluded to at the beginning of this post, he’s a traitor and he plans to betray Orochi. Thus, their allies had been able to reach the wharf before Orochi destroyed the bridges. After Jack and his forces were defeated, the Scabbards resumed their confrontation with Kaido.[47]. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. )[2]"Ushimitsu Kozo" (丑三つ小僧, Ushimitsu Kozō?, Meaning "Witching Hour Boy")[2] As Oden left the capital in exile, Denjiro decided to become his follower. Nah, Kyoshiro dipercaya si licik Kurozumi Orochi sebagai bendaharawan karena kecerdasannya dan kekuatannya. As the alliance revealed themselves and attacked the Beasts Pirates, Kaido transformed into his dragon form and flew to the roof of the Skull Dome, with the Scabbards grabbing onto him. We recently got confirmation that Kyoshiro/Denjiro was one of Oden’s first two followers. Denjiro is capable of emulating Oden's signature Oden Nitoryu style, allowing him to fight wielding two swords and perform one of his techniques. Due to his self-indulgence, Denjiro does not appear to bother with his obligations as the boss of his family. [48] Kaido then retaliated with a roar that created wind scythes aimed at the Scabbards. Kyoshiro was one of Kozuki Oden’s 9 Powerful Samurai, Possible Concepts Behind the 3 Devil Fruit Classes, An Apprentice might join the Straw Hat Pirates Crew. [49], After returning to human form, Kaido began overwhelming the Scabbards[50] and later incapacitated them. While at the banquet, Denjiro was praised for raising Komurasaki, whom Orochi was courting, as well as for his response to the attack on his subordinates. His father may be none other than Shimotsuki Kozaburo who illegally left Wano over 50 years ago. Although he greatly respected him, Denjiro did sometimes tend to tell Oden off when he kept giving money away to other people so easily, without considering how it would affect their region. [9] When preparing to infiltrate the castle, he wore the Beasts Pirates foot soldier uniform. [30], After Oden failed to kill Orochi 25 years ago, the retainers remained loyal to him for the next five years despite Oden acting like a fool and losing the respect of most of Wano's people. After Orochi fell in love with Komurasaki, Denjiro came up with a clever idea to separate her from Orochi and told Hiyori to carry fake blood so he could fake her death when necessary. [6], Kanjuro then fled the scene with Momonosuke in tow on a drawn crane and briefly attacked the alliance with an ink cloud that rained down ink arrows. Big Mom, Kid, Killer, Zoro, Luffy, and Law later arrived at the roof. Namun pada chapter One Piece terbaru yaitu chapter 960 ternyata Denjiro kecil sama sekali tak mirip dengan Kyoshiro. Kumo Kumo no Mi, Model: Rosamygale Grauvogeli, On top of that, he’s been trying to keep the country afloat under the tyranny of Orochi by supporting the poor as the Withing Hour Boy. When he was young, he took pride in his abilities to manipulate people and get what he wants.

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