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beginning mountaineering courses

This course far exceeded my already optimistic expectations! When taken together or pieced together over a season or two, these programs together make up our "winter comprehensive curriculum." A Companion Rescue Skills course is a must-have for all backcountry recreationists in any sport, because it teaches life-saving search and rescue techniques. After completing the Advanced Mountaineering Course (with a certain grade), one can apply for the Method of Instruction or/and the Search and Rescue course. $1195. Maybe you feel intimidated by all the different techniques one needs to master. Our Mountaineering: Beginner course will teach you required mountaineering skills like meal preparation, map, and compass navigation, how to pack a backpack, and what to bring on a climb. $335. Most institutes require the completion of the Basic Mountaineering Course (with a certain grade) to register for the Advanced Mountaineering Course. Plans are made for an early start the following morning. Our mountain climbing courses during the summer in the Sierra Nevada, and on Mount Shasta, are great all round training for mountaineering and alpine climbing as they provide year round snow and glaciers to give you a full mountain climbing experience. While learning all the basic mountaineering skills, you will attempt Matterhorn Peak (12,300 ft) … Andrew Wexler. Whitney (14,505 ft.) in the bargain. Wilderness Skills is designed to prepare outdoor enthusiasts for hiking or backpacking in the forests, mountains and trails of the Pacific Northwest. All inclusive week includes Instruction from IFMGA Mountain Guides, technical equipment, a healthy and nutritious food and meal program, and all accommodation. Discover mountaineering against the stunning backdrop of the Mont Blanc Massif. Mount Baker is one of the most heavily glaciated peaks in the Lower 48, but it is relatively easy to access and offers beginner climbing terrain. Rock climbing is both an essential skill for alpinists and a full-blown sport in its own right. Further information will be sent upon sign up. Start training: Mountaineering is physically and mentally demanding. This includes Alpine ridges, glaciated terrain, techniques for summiting peaks in a winter context and managing complex avalanche terrain. This class also exposed areas where I was weaker and shed light … You will familiarize yourself with the winter camping experience, to sleep in cold weather and in snow. All inclusive week includes Instruction from IFMGA Mountain Guides, technical equipment, a healthy and nutritious food and meal program, and all accommodation. Here in the United States, we operate in Washington, California, Alaska, Nevada, Utah, and Colorado, and our courses run from a single day in length to 48 days of intensive training. Mountaineering or alpine climbing is a unique and thrilling adventure sport. The participant should reach an acceptable level of autonomy to undergo a mountaineering trip. An AST 2 course builds on the foundations of your AST 1, and provides an intermediate decision-making framework for travelling in avalanche terrain. These are intensive 7-10-day mountaineering skills courses with comprehensive instruction in all facets of mountaineering and alpine climbing. We also cover the gear you need, trip planning tips and a training plan to prepare for mountaineering’s physical demands. Courses. A backpacking course in the North Cascades, with Mt. Erie, Washington), Outdoor Rock Climbing - Intensive Intro (4 days – Washington, California, and Nevada), Rock Climbing Lessons with a Private Guide (1 day and up), Rock Climbing at Joshua Tree (1 day and up - Joshua Tree NP, California), A summer ice climbing course on the Coleman Icefall, Mt. Introduction to Backpacking (2 Days - North Cascades, Washington), Backpacking in the North Cascades (3 – 7 Days - North Cascades, Washington), Backpacking in the High Sierra (6 Days or custom itinerary - Sierra Nevada, Washington). Climbing mountains is unique and different compared to other outdoor adventure activities. The course … Baker, WA), Ice Climbing Lessons with a Private Guide (1 day and up – Colorado, California, and Washington), Expedition camp on a rock outcrop on the flanks of Toqllaraju, Peru. The Beginner Mountaineering Skills Course is our 6 Day Introduction to Mountaineering Course, based in the Canadian Rockies. Start doing hikes with a weighted pack on and get yourself mentally ready for long, challenging days. Furthermore, experience can be acquired only with time and time in the mountains is necessary to understand every phenomenon met. You want to attack some bigger objectives, we will help you prepare! Many climbers take courses with us locally, then go on  to climb on our guided expeditions on all seven continents. We will show you how to master the navigation principals with a map, a compast, a GPS and a cellphone. Book : Staying alive in avalanche terrain, Transportation Attitude Montagne for the first 2 day and to training terrain for the 2 last day. 2 Day Mountaineering Course . Our mountaineering courses will teach you methods for tying into the rope, how to progress on glaciers, crevasse rescue, snow anchors or bivouac, we will cover everything you need in order to go play in the mountains! Twelve days is the perfect amount of time to cover a full curriculum, which can be broken down into skill categories: climbing, camping, traveling, avalanche, first aid/rescue, expedition style, and environmental stewardship. $1449.00 + GST An introductory mountaineering course for people who would like to explore the mountains safely. Introduction to Ice Climbing (1+ days – Ouray, CO; Lee Vining, CA; and Mt. Participant should be at a autonomous level to realize a mountain trip. Our Introduction to Scottish Winter Mountaineering course bridges the gap between walking and climbing. December through February: Winter in the Colorado Front Range. Use appropriate travel techniques in avalanche terrain. … This class also exposed areas where I was weaker and shed light … The ground is still often rock-solid when your tours begin before the sun rises. We will cover how to choose and manage winter camping equipment. You will learn how to master your route finding skills and how to go progress on various terrain types. In our Winter Hiking and Beginner Mountaineering courses, you'll learn snowshoeing, ice ax & crampon skills, self-arrest, map-and-compass, trip planning and more. Acquire essential gear: Mountaineering boots, an ice axe, crampons and a harness are a few of the items you’ll need. It is time for you to master the use of the full panoply of anchors and belaying methods that we use in the mountains, as well as the various techniques for crevasse rescues? We will be working with you to combine the knowledge acquired in all the other courses you have taken with Attitude Montagne. This combination makes it an excellent training ground for both committed mountaineers and … Dylan Taylor. For your very first step we present you our beginner mountaineering/alpine LEVEL -1 course suitable for both beginners and climbers with some experience. Australian School of Mountaineering: Beginner mountaineering course - See 545 traveler reviews, 87 candid photos, and great deals for Katoomba, Australia, at Tripadvisor. Prior experience is not necessary** COURSE LOCATION 01 of 08. You would like to go into the high mountains, but you do not feel confident nor do you possess the necessary skills. This course is designed for climbers to learn fundamental mountaineering skills. Learn skills on day 1, then refine them while attempting a summit on day 2.

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